Welcome to my site, and thank you for giving me your ear for a few minutes. I'm confident that I have a lot to offer the world of voiceover, and after listening to some samples of my work, I hope you agree.

I've studied all areas of voice acting extensively, in both group and private settings. I've taken multiple commercial and narration courses at The Radio Ranch in Los Angeles under the instruction of Laurel Van der Linde. The promo classes at the Ranch were lead by Jodi Gottlieb. I feel that these are my strongest genres and my most natural gear. Additionally, I've taken many hours of one on one, private instruction from voice coach Dave Walsh. It was in these sessions that I was fully able to find and settle into my signature sound. Also, I recently attended the introductory and advanced looping workshops given by Johnny Gidcomb of Loop de Loop. I'm excited to add ADR and looping to my VO skill set.

I have a fully equipped studio in my home and can turnaround any VO project quickly and efficiently. Check out my demos below, and some of the gigs that I've recorded on my "bookings" page. Thanks again for your interest in my voiceover work.